About Us

Music with Mar., LLC

Music with Mar. is a company dedicated to bringing quality, brain research based music to children, families and teachers. Its philosophy is to use music to teach, getting children ready for skills they need for a successful, happy life. It was founded by Maryann Harman in 1991 as a music program for parents and children to attend together and extended into educational consulting as well as production of the music for the program. Music with Mar. works together with Mr. Froggy’s Friends to bring the program to children everywhere.

Mr. Froggy’s Friends, Inc.

Mr. Froggy’s Friends was created by Katie Webster and is responsible for licensing, training and supporting new instructors for the Music with Mar. program. Its goal is to give instructors the resources and support they need to operate and grow a successful business, and make Mr. Froggy and the benefits of the Music with Mar. program available to children and families everywhere. Katie was an instructor with Music with Mar. for 15 years when she decided to purchase the Licensing Rights in an effort to introduce Mr. Froggy to more children and the business opportunity to more adults.