Become An Instructor


Provide your community with an affordable, family-friendly educational opportunity. Grandparents, stay at home moms and dads, working families – you can reach out to them all through your classes. Whether you decided to offer morning classes, evening classes, and/or preschool and daycare classes, you’ll find a way to connect with the families in your community. The love you feel in return will enrich your life, too!


As an instructor, be prepared to see impressive progress in your tiny clients. From a baby who takes her first steps in class to a toddler who gives you a hug when he walks in the door to the shy little one who sings to Mr. Froggy for the first time, you will witness the most precious childhood moments! Be prepared to leave class feeling energized from the endorphins.


Join our team of dedicated instructors who share their ideas, help brainstorm new ideas and guide you in the right direction. Our most seasoned instructors have 18 years experience and love to see new instructors flourish. Be embraced by a community with a shared goal of bringing music and movement to children everywhere. Celebrate your class growth with Mr. Froggy’s Friends!

Are you looking for a way to use your talents to create your own successful business? Do you enjoy working with people? Want to set your own flexible schedule? Can you carry a tune? Want to have the HOPpiest “job?” Then joining Mr. Froggy’s Friends to teach Music with Mar. classes is for you! As an instructor you can teach weekly community classes, preschool classes, offer birthday parties, concerts, and more! Prior teaching experience is not necessary. We’re looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to share Mr. Froggy with their community.

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